bepress continually deploys new features and fixes for the community.

Recent updates are summarized below.

  • Please note that “Dashboards” include the Author, Digital Commons, and Impact Dashboards, and SelectedWorks profiles are found under “Expert Gallery Suite.”

Mar. 17, 2017

Expert Gallery Suite:

We’ve made some improvements to search and indexing for profiles:

  • Works of hidden profiles will no longer appear in search results.
  • Withdrawn works will no longer be included in the DC Network

Mar. 03, 2017

Expert Gallery Suite:

Feb. 17, 2017

Digital Commons:

  • New bepress Content Carousel extended to all structures: The site-level bepress Content Carousel is now available to all communities and publications in Digital Commons. The carousel enhances the functionality of the previous slideshow and improves the reliability because it is in-house and independent of the Google API that recently deprecated. Consulting Services is manually converting any deprecated slideshows to the new carousel for you. Learn more about Content Carousels, slideshows, and more by visiting the new website.
  • LDAP fix: Some users observed a false error when logging in their first time. This has been resolved.

Feb. 13, 2017

Digital Commons:

  • Content Inventory: With this brand-new tool you can generate a comprehensive metadata report at every level of your site. You can also generate a report which tells you the amount of published content in each publication. No more forgetting which publications you want to fill out or hide away until they’re ready for the public! Accessible via the Configuration tab.
  • JW Player upgrade: We’ve upgraded our version of JW Player, including support for closed captions.
  • SSL (HTTPS) for all repositories: It’s a bright, secure, world. Over the next few weeks, all repositories will be using HTTPS. Bonus: if you’ve been managing the implementation of SSL for your repository, those days are over. We’ll take it from here.
  • Batch revisions: We don’t speak Epoch and presume you don’t either. System-generated spreadsheets will no longer show datestamps in Epoch time.
  • Footer links: We have updated our footers to provide visitors easy access to bepress’ Privacy and Copyright pages.

Expert Gallery Suite:

  • Badges to highlight potential media contacts, collaborators, and mentors: Administrators can now designate profiles with badges that identify individuals as potential media contacts, collaborators, and/or mentors. Badges will link to a gallery of all members of that group. See the badge on the right of this profile:
  • Contact button: Profiles have a contact button so that it is easier for visitors to contact profile owners about their work. An inquiry form will capture and relay messages to the profile owner. The messages can also be sent to administrators and other offices on campus, such as Media Relations. See the button on the left of this profile:
  • Galleries based on facets: Galleries exist for facets like organization, position, or research interest and can be embedded on external sites.
  • Administrator Interface: For some profiles, the SW Gallery and Expert Gallery column checkboxes were missing; they have been found!
  • PDF conversions and cover pages: Improved reliability of PDF conversions (from .doc and .docx formats) and of cover page stamping.
  • Imported metadata-only records: Better consistency importing metadata-only records, so that their links to external sites are maintained after import. No more .htm links!
  • Password creation: occasional 404 error after resetting a password has been fixed.

Jan. 13, 2017

Expert Gallery Suite:

  • “Embed this gallery” feature: This link has been hidden on mobile devices to prevent accidental tapping when trying to trigger the facet bar.
  • Introductory text prompt: Now visible only to profile owner, not visitors
  • “Read more” button: Displays more consistently across profiles.

Jan. 12, 2017

Digital Commons:

Changes to the Digital Commons three‐tiered taxonomy of academic disciplines include:

Education: Adult and Continuing Education
Education: Disability and Equity in Education: Gender Equity in Education
Education: Early Childhood Education
Education: Elementary Education
Education: Indigenous Education
Education: Language and Literacy Education
Education: Outdoor Education
Education: Secondary Education
Medicine and Health Sciences: Medical Specialties: Sleep Medicine
Law: Cultural Heritage Law
Life Sciences: Research Methods in Life Sciences
Life Sciences: Research Methods in Life Sciences: Animal Experimentation and Research
Social and Behavioral Sciences: Food Studies
Social and Behavioral Sciences: Psychology: Comparative Psychology
Social and Behavioral Sciences: Psychology: Transpersonal Psychology
Social and Behavioral Sciences: Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration: Terrorism Studies

Arts and Humanities: Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies: Native American Studies
Has become
Arts and Humanities: Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies: Indigenous Studies

Any submissions with a modified discipline were migrated to the new term.

Jan. 10, 2017


Author Dashboard Improvements: Authors will enjoy access to new features, previously only accessed by administrators:

  • More powerful date selector
  • Downloads graph with option to show Additional Files
  • Metadata hits graph
  • Countries map and table
  • Share the Dashboard functionality
  • Institutional branding for authors with institutionally branded SelectedWorks profiles
  • Consolidated “duplicates: articles collected from DC/SW that point to the same full text version will be consolidated in the Works table.
  • Layout changes to improve navigation: unifying the experience across all dashboards
  • Icon bar used in place of sidebar (across all dashboards)
  • Code enhancements: the code base has been consolidated across the Author Dashboard, the Digital Commons Dashboard, and the Impact Dashboard. Administrators will have a more consistent experience, navigating the dashboards, and users will see relevant features and fixes released simultaneously to dashboards in future.

Jan. 06, 2017

Expert Gallery Suite:

  • Facets on mobile devices: On smaller screens and mobile devices, there is now a button on the Expert Gallery search bar that pops out the facets so visitors can narrow searches more easily.
  • Trending Experts: Trending options will appear only if trending profiles are available
  • Better hover tips = better UI. In the administrator interface, expect to see human-readable hover text, e.g., over the Expert Gallery column, to speed administrators to the tools they need.

Dec. 27, 2016

Digital Commons:

  • Author Gallery design: Site-level author galleries have a new look, more aligned with your new Expert Gallery Suite, for a more seamless user experience.
  • Real-time updates for the Author Gallery: When administrators make their selections in the SelectedWorks Administrator Interface, the site-level Author Gallery will update in real-time.

Dec. 16, 2016

Digital Commons:

  • bepress Archive: We are now including a checksum for metadata.xml files in the bepress Archive manifest. Going forward, all files in your bepress Archive will have a checksum included in the manifest.
  • Supplemental content: Administrators will find it at a glance using the new Additional Files column (available via the Manage Submissions preferences) or find them present on the Submission Details pages
  • OAI: ListMetadataFormats output now includes metadata prefixes qdc and dcq
  • Batch upload: XML import schema no longer references a 'type' field
  • Peer-review: Text improvements to the Reviewer Upload Form and emails to reviewers of single and double-blind journals
  • Journal cover page enhancement: PDF cover pages will show blurbs only when the submission is accepted or published
  • Creative Commons: Alt-text is now included for Creative Commons licenses
  • Accessibility improvement 1: "Skip to main content" link is now visible to screen readers
  • Accessibility improvement 2: Portal sidebar images are now generated with HTML

Expert Gallery Suite:

  • ORCID: Authors who have ORCID ids can now capture and display them as a clickable link on their profiles.
  • Embed an Expert Gallery: Expert Galleries based on facets and searches are now embeddable! Simply choose your parameters and then click on “embed this gallery” just below the search box. The system will generate a customized embed code that you can then copy and paste onto any webpage.